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Passeggiata Arosa by Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo

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I am curious to know that in the same year, 1901, in which Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo he painted the famous picture “the Fourth Estate”, a sort of icon of the proletarian struggles of the entire twentieth century, the artist also painted a picture of a completely different theme: Loving Walk.

Photo Blog (slice 1) (Copy)In the painting, two people, a man and a woman, seem to be conversing amiably, a prelude to who knows what else, walking in a splendid countryside on a late spring day, with sheep in the background and a sun that illuminates with a particular light every What. The canvas is round, as if the two had been "photographed" with a telephoto lens. Really curious. A decidedly relaxing picture compared to the "Fourth Estate". This beautiful painting can be admired (think about it!) at the Pinacoteca of Ascoli Piceno. It is worth going for a "walk" too and seeing in addition to the stupendous square, one of the most beautiful in Italy - don't forget the historic Caffè Meletti! - this beautiful painting by one of the most important artists of the early twentieth century.

Lorenza Cappanera
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I'm intrigued by the fact that in the same year, i.e. 1901, that Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo painted his most famous work “The Fourth Estate”, that is some kind of icon for working class causes across the Twentieth century, the artist also painted a work with a totally different topic: “Lovers Walking”.

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“Lovers Walking” shows two people, a woman and a man, pleasantly chatting, maybe a prelude for something more, walking in a stunning countryside in the late spring, sheep on the background and a particularly shining sun that illuminates everything.
The painting is a round canvas, as if the two characters were pictured by telephoto lens. Very curious, indeed. The work is very quiet compared to “The Fourth Estate”. You can see this beautiful painting at the Pinacoteca in Ascoli Piceno (in the Region Le Marche, Italy). It's really worth it, paying a visit in Ascoli to see this work painted by one of the most known Italian artists of the early Twentieth century, just like “Lovers walking” through the marvelous Main Square – and please don't forget the historical Caffè Meletti!
Lorenza Cappanera

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