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Passaggi Festival: talking about non-fiction in the Marche

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In a world now inclined towards digital, it is nice to see that books still play their (large) part and that, above all, there is still a desire to get together to discuss them in an evocative place such as the city square. All this is represented by one of the most interesting summer festivals with a cultural background in Italy, based in the Marche city of Fano, in the province of Pesaro and Urbino: Passaggi Festival of Non-fiction, this year in its sixth edition.


The Festival, born from an idea of ​​the journalist Giovanni Belfiori, is organized by the Passaggi Cultura association and has Nando dalla Chiesa as president of the scientific committee. Passaggi is held in Fano, the third largest city in the Marche region whose peculiarity is its history: an ancient history rooted in Roman times which is still visible in its precious historic centre. Passaggi Festival is the only Italian festival dedicated to the world of non-fiction: a world devoted to the analysis, study and in-depth analysis of the most disparate themes, from politics to economics, from history to social sciences, up to cooking and sport . The Festival takes place every year in the month of June, usually for four days (from Thursday to Sunday) and transforms the historic center and the seaside area of ​​the city of Fano into a hotbed of culture: exhibitions, shows, workshops for children and adults, readings aloud, concerts, reviews... all these activities revolve around the Passaggi Festival circuit, the fulcrum of which is represented by the presentations of books by great authors of national and international importance in Piazza XX Settembre, where a stage is set up for the occasion and where one-hour meetings are held with guests (scholars, journalists, economists, politicians, show business personalities...) who, with the help of as many great people as speakers, present their essays. To participate in the events just reach the designated place, there are many structures involved: from the Montanari MeMo Media Library to the Lido and Sassonia baths. And yes, the events are all free!


The VI edition of Passaggi Festival of Non-fiction will take place from 27 June to 2018 July 17, one day longer than previous editions, and the main theme will be "The country of women". The two prizes of the Festival, the Passaggi Prize and the Andrea Barbato Prize, will be awarded respectively to Senator Liliana Segre and Piero Angela. Furthermore, the book meetings will be held from 24pm to midnight for the entire duration of the Festival and not only in the square, where the meetings with the great authors will still remain, but also in locations located along the historic center - Roman and truly evocative to visit - with other shows including “Passaggi con Catena”, directed by Catena Fiorello, at the beautiful Church of San Francesco. The complete programme, with all the events, can be found on the Festival website, constantly updated with news, useful information and more:

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