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On a rainy day, I wanted to visit this evocative place that I had wanted to see for a long time. Yes, I know, you shouldn't see a garden in such a weather, but at least there would have been no one or almost no one there, I would have felt free, or free to feel, if in some way the place would have aroused something in me,


something that I don't always listen to, taken as I am by the daily listening of the matter.
Recanati for me is a place of the heart, so well looked after, tidy, and with so many things to see: I think of that cat running in the Annunciation of the Madonna del Lotto for example, not to mention the small but delightful museum dedicated to Beniamino Gigli and then Casa Leopardi of course. But then I said to myself: if you like it on a gray day, imagine what this "Garden of Infinity" must be like on a sunny day, restored and redesigned by one of the most famous Italian landscape architects, Paolo Pejrone, pupil of Russel Page and of Roberto Burle Marx, and author of that magnificent "Garden of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme" in Rome which I don't know what I would give to see...
The preventive multimedia journey is beautiful which, with the voices of Lella Costa and Massimo Popolizio, the father Monaldo in Martone's Leopardi, delves into the theme of the Infinite in his poetry: life, time, space, nothingness, the eternal . It is an exploration of the subject, a preparation for reflection and silence when we find ourselves on those paths where the poet loved to walk and absorb the landscape, translating it into a lyric so perfect that it becomes our inexpressible idea of ​​the Infinite.

Here, in the garden that the FAI (Italian Environment Fund) wanted to restore with the help of another artist, you can enjoy the view that inspired Giacomo, while he was walking or just taking some fresh air, after having spent hours and hours of “crazy and desperate” study…


In Recanati, next to Palazzo Antici Leopardi, entering the building that belongs to the Leopardian Studies Institute, you enter the Gardens of the FAI (Italian Environment Fund)

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