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From the second half of the eighteenth century and throughout the nineteenth century, every municipality in the Marche region, even the demographically small ones, began to plan the construction of its own theater building.

This need, in addition to certainly meeting a cultural expectation, responded to a more complex process of social aggregation. The theaters are many and very beautiful. I think it's worth introducing them to you in my blog, one at a time, choosing truly at random.
I will start with the Feronia Theater in San Severino Marche. Designed by the great architect Ireneo Aleandri, designer of the Sferisterio of Macerata (1823) and of Villa Caterina in Porto San Giorgio (1825) commissioned by Prince Gerolamo Bonaparte, the Feronia is a 442-seat theater in neoclassical style, with pictorial decorations by Filippo Bibiena and Raffaele Fogliardi. It has excellent acoustics and is therefore suitable for concert as well as prose seasons. The peculiarity of this Theater is that the curtain is still the original one from the XNUMXth century. It is located in the historic center, next to the magnificent elliptical square of the city (Piazza del Popolo).

Lorenza Cappanera
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Since the second half of the Eighteenth century and across the Nineteenth century, every Municipality in the Region La Marche, including towns with few inhabitants, started to plan and build its own theater.

This need met the specific demand for culture and for the complicated process of social integration. Several beautiful theaters were built. I believe that in my blog it is important to introduce you randomly every theater, one by one.
Let's start with Feronia Theater in San Severino Marche, designed by great architect Ireneo Aleandri. He also designed the Sphaeristerium Theater in Macerata (1823) and Villa Caterina in Porto San Giorgio (1825) which was commissioned by Prince Jérôme Bonaparte. Feronia is a neoclassical theater with 442 seats, with painted decorations by Filippo Bibiena and Raffaele Fogliardi. Its main feature is a stunning acoustics, so that successful concert and prose seasons take place regularly. The typical feature of this theater is that its curtain is actually the original that dates back to the Nineteenth century. It is located in the old town of San Severino Marche, on the side of the stunning elliptic main square (Piazza del Popolo).
Lorenza Cappanera

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