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Juttenizie, delicacies in the village

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In Grottammare then and now, among beauty and goodness

In the summer of 1868 the town on the Ascoli Riviera was chosen as a cradle of rest and meditation by the musician abbot Franz Liszt. The chronicles of the time report that he loved walking on the beach reading the breviary and listening to the murmur of the shoreline. His stay was so pleasant and healthy that he wrote: “My six weeks spent in Grottammare will remain one of the most vivid memories of my life”. In the quiet of the village he let himself go to inspiration, while the welcome of the local families made his holiday even more pleasant.

In our times, although marked by the inevitable bustle of modernity, it can be easy to find the reasons that lead Grottammare to be chosen as a destination for leisure, rest and architectural and historical discoveries.

The two distinct parts of the town are separated by the state road crowded with heavy traffic, which however only exists on the route of the road: it seems not to have an impact on the two realities on this side and beyond it. The ancient town climbs and sits above the hill, made up of enchanting alleys, at times interspersed with gardens and terraces overlooking an exceptional panorama of sea and land. Below the state road the network of streets that lead to the sea unravels. In front of the spacious beach of fine sand, surrounded by the palm and orange trees that give the Riviera its name, there is a succession of ancient and modern houses and villas from different eras and styles. They reveal the wealth of those who, appreciating the atmosphere and beauty of the place, chose it as their summer home.

An ideal climate completes the picture, today as then.

A particular and delicious opportunity to visit the town is given by the event Juttenizie, a dialect word meaning delicacies. It is organized every year for three consecutive Sundays. This year the event, which began on September XNUMXst with great success among local and foreign audiences, will also be repeated Sunday 8th and Sunday 15th September from 18,00pm to midnight. Anyone who wants to participate must purchase a postcard/voucher which introduces an exceptional gastronomic journey, from appetizer to dessert, distributed among the architectural beauties and renowned restaurants of the historic center. All at a low cost, given the services it gives access to.


This year at the Paese Alto Association in via Palmaroli you can enjoy an aperitif with rustic pasta with artichokes and tuna and Aperol spritz, subsequently in Sant'Agostino winery yes i like Pumpkin meatballs with pistachio breading, kefir and mint, then we move on to the club Borgo Antico where it is served Baldoni pasta with bacon and vegetables, the fourth stop is at the Salsaria in summer  aubergine pie and tomato and basil sauce, then to the Winter sauce shop is served pork loin with peaches, finally the journey of delicacies ends in Loggias of Piazza Peretti with the renowned cup of the Lodges. It should be underlined that the courses are accompanied by excellent local wines.

On the route that leads to the various taverns it is also possible to admire various art shows and visit galleries and shops.

It turns out to be a unique and fascinating experience. The places are magical, wandering from one place to another you discover corners and views, while your taste is delighted by both traditional and new flavors offered in enchanting corners by renowned chefs.


Carla Virili


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