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Ivan Graziani: the plan to sing

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For those of my generation, Ivan Graziani was the one who accompanied us from fucking years of melancholy from adolescence up to university, the strumming of the guitar, the loves and the free outings in the mists of winter after school homework. But even on the days when you didn't feel like going out, he seemed to understand you." if my guitar cries softly/ tonight is not the evening/ to see people". And you felt less alone
He was an atypical artist, decidedly ahead of the songwriters of the moment and finally apolitical. A true rocker.
The Marche in their provincial peacefulness had these seethings halfway between the revolutionary with the red scarf and the Vespa always ready outside the house at the first sun by the sea. This was our freedom: between the Apennines and the Adriatic, always there, like bloodhounds, smelling the wind.
Sweet Agnes Agnes, Goodbye Lugano, Lazy and the agreement was made. In a circle on the beaches of Trave di Portonovo we sang his notes looking into each other's eyes, hoping for nothing other than the happiness of the moment, without thoughts other than the test in class and that subject which was difficult for us, despite everything, it was just the desire to be future in some way, no matter what.

He too was from the Adriatic, born in Teramo but came to study at the Academy in Urbino where he stayed permanently and then became a professor there.
But he divided his passion between the guitar and graphics, “ she drew/filled folders with dreams" he sang in his famous  Sad song  and it must have been a good fight in the predominance between one and the other as he sings in  Doctor Jeckill and Mr Hide .. " even if during the day you are not / at night you look like him”, although it was thanks to music that he became famous and his exceptional mastery of the guitar.
But we also loved the words of his songs as well as the acoustic virtuosity, the tense strings that seemed to break, for example in  Mona Lisa , the idea of ​​transgressing for a just cause, typical of all young people: “ yes, I would like to steal it / I would like to steal what belonged to me “ . perhaps we liked art so much that we didn't even show solidarity with those who protect it." the janitor complains/probably wants another whack on the head “. Yay with the guitar. How can you not feel involved? Personally I would have liked to steal more.
Almost all the lyrics of his songs were written by Ivan, who was also very good here: “ what can I do/what can you do/if we sail in the opposite direction in this sea/you are south-westerly and I am mistral/it's always winds but it's not the same/and no port will ever see us return” we were moved here too, with these verses which were poetry, pure poetry.
He was often encountered in Urbino, even for those who did not study at the Academy, but it was still normal to see him having breakfast at the Belpassi café or in the square with those big red glasses and the serene look of someone who had found his way without doubts or second thoughts. He, who loved art, had a great time in this city, because you can breathe art everywhere and even the people here are all artists in his own way, even without having to go to school. “School is a great thing / especially if they teach you to love".
Just let yourself go and go, dream and have imagination.
Great Ivan!

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I just read the article about Ivan Graziani on your site and I must say that it is really well written and exciting. Your description of Graziani's singing style is accurate and engaging, and I particularly appreciated the way in which you highlighted the importance of his music in the Italian collective imagination. Keep up the good work, your site is a valuable resource for music fans like me. Thank you for sharing your love of art with the rest of the world! Becky Gomez


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