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Sometimes I think that one of the most beautiful roads to travel in the Marche, and there are so many, is the provincial road that starts from Filottrano and reaches Macerata. Here the landscape, open, interspersed with waterways, among olive groves and centuries-old oaks, gives the true dimension of the peacefulness of the Marche, of the good-naturedness that comes from the abundance of mother nature, but also recalls the infinity of Giacomo and the eternal.

Halfway, about 7/8 km from Macerata, I recommend a stop at the Convent of Forano, built between the 1215th and XNUMXth centuries by Benedictine monks. Around XNUMX it seems that Saint Francis came and there is also a door left with the Latin epigraph, testifying to his passage.

Now the Church is under restoration but can still be visited, if it were closed badly, there are the external frescoes to admire, attributable, perhaps, to Giambono di Corrado da Ragusa, painted around 1430. We are therefore in the early Renaissance.
It is a strange sensation that emerges when you admire this fresco up close, between pilasters and various architectures, the Virgin appears and Christ above, above the door where the saint passed and on whose portal is written "HAEC EST ILLA PRISCA JANUA DUM HIC ADFUIT S. FRANCISCUS”
Travelers, like all of us, should sometimes stop in these places, perhaps to rediscover that Christianity lost over the centuries, and try to give meaning to the sacred that dwells in every human being and which is often forcefully denied, if not with annoyance. 

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