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Franco Scataglini, great poet of the 900th century

In the Marche, this plural region that is difficult to define with just one word,
extraordinary evidence of genius in the most disparate fields coexists.
The beauty and multifaceted complexity of the places are inspirational to
different artistic expressions that are always expressed with originality
An example of such fruitful creativity is given by Franco's poetic production
Born and lived in Ancona in the last century, Scataglini is the interpreter of a
poetic feeling expressed with a language that would be defined as dialectal
certainly reductive: the Ancona dialect he uses in his verses is almost non-existent
he warns, the images suggested by the words are so courtly and rise to a
feel universal. In reality Scataglini created a language with sounds
of the Ancona area but lightened with a cadence that recalls funeral dirges
of the ancient Greeks, a language that understands the duality of light and shadow,
a musical language taken from the street and reworked, a language of feeling
interpreter of the voice of the humblest and capable of giving voice to solidarity,
to civil commitment. His has also been defined as the poetics of the residence, which
unfolds in close relationship with marine and urban places, the lived territory and
With a few scant sentences he is capable of representing traits and situations that exist
they insinuate themselves into the soul and arouse deep emotions.
They are flashes of simplicity that hide ancient and treasured feelings
tabernacle of memories, express a vision of an interior world that
conveys the richness of the ability to grasp reality without weighing it down
useless sophisms and this without taking away intensity from the thought.
In 1950 he published his youthful work “Echi” but what he recognized as an opera
the first is from 1973 “And for a fruit like a whole garden” which has all the
peculiar characteristics of his poetic vision and of his future production
unravels in numerous collections until 1994, the year of his sudden death
only 64 years old.
Reading these lyrics is a pleasure not to be missed.
In 2010, Ancona named the Cardeto Park after Franco Scataglini.
His complete work "All Poems" was published by Paolo
Canettieri in 2022 from the Quodlibet publishing house.
Carla Virili

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