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Anna Bonacci, the courage to be an artist

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Anna Bonacci was born in Rome in the last years of the nineteenth century but came to live in Falconara, together with her noble family, in a large three-storey house with a garden in front of the castle. The intention of his parents was that of a summer residence, with the beach nearby, among the many friends who had purchased and built villas on the seafront - even today one can see some wonderful architecture between Palombina and Falconara, worthy buildings from the beginning of the century - the parents and her family made up of seven children of which the last is herself, Anna. Her father is the Minister of Justice in the first Giolitti government, he is a lawyer and lives between Rome and Falconara.

Anna is an eclectic woman and very fond of her family, but she also feels the need to free herself from a world that is no longer the same, she is ahead of her time, she goes into analysis, she writes audacious texts under a pseudonym more suited to the pen of a man than of a young woman from an excellent family. A free woman at times subjugated by her own "whims" as her aunt banally calls them, which are nothing more than the expressions of an evolved spirit but stuck in the culture of the time, a time that will soon become a harbinger of new revolutions and social upheavals which will mark the entire twentieth century.

It's nice to read her biography, browse her black and white photos which portray her in a mystical pose, with large hats and minds leaning forward, in the fashion of the time, naturalness is still not part of anyone's life, you have to disguise yourself behind artifices suited to an upper-class climate, the poses as they are belong to the villagers, not to the intellectuals, much less the rich ones.
Anna writes in spurts, more to vent than for anything else, but she has an exceptional talent. At least here she doesn't build, she is natural, she is herself.
She has the misfortune of being the youngest of her beloved family and therefore sees her parents die at a young age and then her brothers and her beloved sisters, sadness takes shape in her life, she who had always been his, pushes her to dive into fantasy, into her strong imagination.
One of his most famous comedies is in fact entitled  Fantasy Hour.  Translated into various languages ​​and with modified titles, adapted for cinema, theater and television, performed by famous actors such as Gino Cervi, Dean Martin and Kim Novak (directed by Billy Wilder), Jeanne Moreau and Olivia de Havilland.

What attracts him seems to be the dismantling of roles: “ I think that marriage sadly unites for life two people who would have spent a few delightful weeks together” he has one of his characters say.
Anna Bonacci is a leading figure in the twentieth century in the Marche region, an artist and a woman who was able to free herself from the bourgeois and conformist climate of the period thanks to her talent and energy, and this shows that this region is often a source of inspiration for free spirits and forerunners of customs in the social and economic panorama of all times.
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